Thank you for your interest in becoming a MAX Volunteer

By signing up, you are becoming a part of a great group of people interested in helping the Desert Conservation Program and the Mojave Max Team share our message:

Respect, Protect, and Enjoy our desert
Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Coordinated desert cleanup events (family friendly—all are welcome)
  • Presentation support at school assemblies, after school programs, scout meetings and civic group meetings
  • Participation in a wide variety of community outreach events.
  • General event support (set-up and teardown)

If you are ready to Volunteer to the MAX, please sign up via the link below to be notified when volunteer opportunities are available.

(Students needing volunteer hours are encouraged to sign up—verification of hours will be provided)
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Volunteer Opportunities!

To see volunteer opportunities for events currently scheduled, check out our events calendar.